Welcome to Amber Film

Video tells a story like no other medium. It engages, it enthralls and most importantly it sells…

People now watch the Internet and if video is not at the forefront of your online marketing strategy you risk slowly losing your customers hearts and minds.

At Amber Film we are dedicated to creating video content that will bring your brand, services and products to life. We work directly with Clients or indirectly through an Agency.

We create stunning, engaging result driven films from 30-second social media videos to captive based short promotional videos for cross-platform campaign support.

How video will benefit your business.

The facts and figures


Did you know that 21% of video viewers will make a purchase? Recent polls confirm that a professional video converts customers into buyers more effectively than any other methods of online advertising.

Search Ranking

Getting on the first page of search results is a must for any business. A professional video can increase this by up to 50 times. The more customers that see you online, the more your video will impact growth.


Effective Communication

A massive 60% of people online watch videos, but only 3% of businesses have video content. A great video saves users time by conveying information efficiently and gives you an edge over the competition.

Human Trust

Another positive effect of video is that it shows who you are, increasing trust for the customer. Humans like to buy from humans and having a video will showcase your passion and make customers feel they are in good hands.

Just a few of our clients

JD Gyms
Brooks Bros
PCI Instruments
Moore & Smalley

Your life’s work deserves amazing video

Our most recent client work

Aerial Drone Filming

Expand the horizons of your marketing capabilities with drone-based footage. Our professional two-man team is fully licensed and has delivered award-winning coverage.

Why choose AmberFilm?

Bringing out the best in your team

We pride ourselves on capturing the spark of passion when employees talk about their role in their company. Our friendly, casual approach to interviews and comprehensive editing approach will bring out the best in you, your staff and your clients.


Free Consultation and Planning

We don’t charge for consultations and pre-production. You wont see an invoice until production dates are confirmed.

Dedicated Client Area

We will provide you with a secure space on our website to review edits, discuss and provide feedback. Reference all the correspondence in one place. No need to get in a muddle with emails.

After Sales Support

We’re dedicated to making sure your video has the maximum impact possible. Whether it’s uploading your file to your social media platforms or advising on YouTube keywords, we’re here to help.

Transform how you market your business today